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About Top Coach

Top Coach specialises in delivering World Class Corporate Training around the world. Our international Network of Top Coaches and Trainers have provided seminars, experiential training and workshops to more than 400 companies worldwide. Some of our coaches were invited as keynote speakers in more than 350 different events internationally. We also deliver Top Quality Experiential Training and World Class Conferences for your events

Meet The Founders

Harry Sardinas

President - Top Coach International

Harry Sardinas is the founder of “Entrepreneurs Are Leaders” (Your Business Can Transform The World), “Speakers Are Leaders” (Your Voice Can Transform The World), “Millionaire Speakers Network” ( Become A World Class Speaker) and He can empower and help you develop your leadership skills by showing you how to speak more effectively so more people want to do business...

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Lily Patrascu

Lily Patrascu can help you monetise your knowledge and influence through personal branding. She is the founder of “Brand For Speakers” (We Make You Look Great), co – founder of “Speakers Are Leaders” (Your Voice Can Transform The World), “Entrepreneurs Are Leaders” (Your Business Can Transform The World) and “Millionaire Speakers Network” ( Become A World Class Speaker) – programmes...

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Alberto Pupo

Vice President - Latin America

Pupo and his friends encouraged a group of MBA students from the University of Lima who came to their classes tired and half asleep. They had to keep them awake, then put together a ludic-experiential sketch that turned out to be a success. From then on, Pupo devoted himself fully to sociocultural animation, “a powerful tool to connect with people,”...

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Jose Luis Godoy

Manager and Treasurer

Firewalking Empowerment Coach in Peru. He is the leading Firewalking Coach in Peru. He has trained people in luxury hotel chains, universities, companies in Latin America. He has been delivering firewalking, empowerment, motivational and & teambuilding business coaching for the last 20 years and was considering writing a book because he wanted to enhance his profile.

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Franz Chacón Hernández

Franz Chacón Hernández is the General Manager of Win Work Consultores (Filial Peru), Professor of Quality Management for Exports and International Bionegocios at USMP. He previously held the position of Academic Coordinator at the Foreign Trade Institute of ADEX and studied at the International Commerce (PADEX 2009) and specialized in English for International Trade (ADEX Language Center). He has a...

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Dervy Jimenez

Dervy is an active member of the World Speaker Network (RMC - Headquarters in Germany) and a member of the International Conference Organization (OCI - Headquarters in Mexico). He has received the International Cooperation Flag in the city of Rosario, Argentina in 2014 and Best Institutional Coach 2014 by the Guatemalan Coach Association. He was also the best Speaker in...

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Jorge Ferretto

Jorge Ferreto has over 15 years of experience at national and international level training the staff of many state and private companies. He was a former teacher at the National University of San Marcos (​​Peru) and was recognized as "hijo ilustre de los hermanos ashaninkas, Yanisha, Shipipo, Palmas Culturales". He is a certified coach in Europe and the creator of...

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Our Mission

Our Values

Integrity and excellence are our core values as a worldclass international organisation. We believe that empowering and developing new leaders will solve most of the problems that society and business has today. We are committed to be outstanding and lead by example.

Our Mission

Deliver outstanding workshops, experiential training, seminars and conferences to our clients, as well as keep contributing to society with the more than 100 conferences that we have delivered as a charity to universities and people from disadvantaged background around the world

Our Vision

Create and develop new leaders in the organizations, businesses, charities and universities that can make this world a better place for the new generations to come


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