Dervy Jimenez

Director Of International Commerce

Dervy is an active member of the World Speaker Network (RMC - Headquarters in Germany) and a member of the International Conference Organization (OCI - Headquarters in Mexico). He has received the International Cooperation Flag in the city of Rosario, Argentina in 2014 and Best Institutional Coach 2014 by the Guatemalan Coach Association. He was also the best Speaker in Leadership & Motivation awarded by San Pedro-Chimbote University in Peru. He has over 16 years of professional career and was invited to lecture a series of doctorates, masters, diplomas, congresses, conferences, talks, seminars and workshops courses in multiple cities of countries such as: Spain, The Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.   He is considered by specialized international critics as one of the Coach with greater depth and ability to inspire, educate, stimulate and empower individuals and work teams for total success.   He has been hired by public and private higher educational institutions, as well as; International organizations or NGOs to handle the issues of leadership of educational excellence, total motivation, education in values, teamwork, effectiveness, change and optimal professional performance. He has given more than 5000 trainings in Latin America.