Val Alino

Director of Community Projects & Human Resources

Val Alino is a Certified Montessori Educator, Life and Conscious Parenting Coach, who has empowered thousands of teachers, parents, leaders and children to heal, evolve, grow, transform and unlock their full potential. Over her 29 years of practice she has empowered families from USA, India, Spain, Mexico, Peru to enjoy their parenting journey and create harmonious peaceful families through mindfulness, meditation, spiritual intelligence and emotional management. She has enabled children to raise their confidence, self-esteem, develop their strengths and fulfill their highest self, by working with the adults in their life and creating prepared environments that allow the child to thrive and grow honoring the individuality and pace of each child. She is the upcoming author of “The Magic Of Giving Back”, a book aiming to make a difference to millions of people worldwide by enabling them to become the person they were meant to be, through her “Trust Your Journey Coaching” System. As a passionate philanthropist, she is proud to have made a difference in thousands of homeless people, children with special needs and with chronic illnesses, orphans, AIDS sufferers, sexual abuse victims, teenagers suffering from drug addiction, depression or suicidal thoughts through her Spiritual Coaching, Expert Fundraising, Social Event Planning and Magnetic Networking Power. Val Alino is the Director of Community Projects & Human Resources at Top Coach International, a worldwide community of coaches aiming to make a difference worldwide and a Keynote Speaker on The Conscious Parenting Method Certified by Bestselling Author Dr. Shefali. Val is an Expert in Educational Leadership and Educational Project Management, with a strong track record in creating income-generating educational programs and increasing enrolment and desirability of those programs for international educational institutions and world-class organizations. She received multiple awards and was featured multiple times on TV for her extraordinary service to humanity, such as the Telemundo Atlanta award "Guardian Hero award" in 2018 in the USA, the Sunshine on a Ranney Day volunteer of the year Award and the Community Hero Award from Iheart Media. She has been featured on Univision Atlanta TV and Telemundo Atlanta TV.